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How to search for articles in Journals: Where to start?

This guide explain how to search for journals and how to find and search for articles in these journals, and how to evaluate your search results.

Searching and finding articles

To start your searching first log on to the library webpage here

Then choose Journal finder 

A new window will open displaying available journals and also arranged alphabetically.

Type the title of the journal (if you know it) if not choose from below topics.

The results will appear.

First step click on Full text online to get the full articles.

Second if you are searching for peer reviewed journals or journal articles click on the second choice scholarly and peer reviewed.

If you are wondering what peer reviewed and scholarly journals or articles they are:

Scholarly Journal

  • Can also be called academic journal or very often peer-reviewed journal.
  • Includes original research articles, written by researchers and experts in a particular academic discipline.

Peer reviewed Journal

  • Peer-reviewed or refereed journals have an editorial board of subject experts who review and evaluate submitted articles before accepting them for publication. A journal may be a scholarly journal but not a peer-reviewed journal. Also known as scholarly journal, or academic journal, or refereed journal.
  • Publishes only original research articles that are subjected to a rigorous evaluation through the peer-review process.
  • The majority of scholarly journals go through the peer-review process, although there are some that are scholarly and non-peer reviewed.

Primary Sources

  • A primary source is a document or other sort of evidence written or created during the time under study, or by one of the persons or organizations directly involved in the event. Primary sources offer an inside view of a particular event.

After that you have another filtering your search option (by content) here you can choose the type of content you need; journal articles, book reviews, magazine articles......and many more choices.

You can search for a Journal by clicking on the Journal finder tab, just type the journal title if you know it or keywords related to the subject of the journal. After finding the journal you want and is related to your topic you can start searching this journal issues for articles related to your topic.

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