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Coding Resources: Why code?

Hour of Coding

Hour of Code Tutorials

Code Stars Video

Programmning vs. Coding

Battle of the terms

In recent years the term "coding" has resurfaced as more playful and non-intimidating description of programming for beginners. It refers to beginning steps of programming, or programming with tools intended for beginners such as: Code Studio, Scratch, App Inventor 2, Python etc.

Term "programing" is most commonly associated with entering instruction into a machine to execute commands. It's a formal act of writing code which is then compiled into machine language. The term also encompassed the greater nuances of computer science. 

There is also a term "scripting", that refers to "incomplete" or "limited" (i.e. non-compiled) languages. A scripting language allows users to (relatively) easily write something quick to automate some mundane task. Examples of scripts are: JavaScriptActionScript and Shell script.


What is Coding?

How to Start a Code Club

Code Club kit from WebJunction


Mobile Apps to Practice Coding

  • Lrn (partly free) helps you memorize javascript syntax through Duolingo-style quizzes.
  • Swifty (free to start, $2.99 for full version) is similart to Lrn but it's for iOS programming.