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Coding Resources: Coding for Kids

Coding for Kids Video

Play as you Learn! Learn as you Play!

  Codecombat is a multiplayer live coding strategy game for beginners. 

  Code Studio provides online courses created by

  Scratch is a free programming language and online community. Learn how to create your own interactive stories, games and animations. Great for young programmers!

  Blockly will let you build applications in a Lego-like fashion by piecing them tougher small graphical objects. 

  CodeinGame is the gaming platform for programmers. 

  Hopscotch is free coding app for iPhone and iPad. No setup needed -- just drag  blocks and instantly play with your creation!

  Kodu Game Lab is a visual programing language made for creating new games. 

  Tynker teaches students fundamentals of programing.

  Kodable teaches young programmers basics of computer programmng in as littles as 20 min per week. 

Testing Playground

  Jsfiddle test your JavaSript, HTML and CSS code. 

  CodePen helps you to build a test case for that pesky bug. Find inspirations for your projects and sample design patterns. 

  CSSDesk tests HTML and CSS. 


and more....