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Find your H-index: Scopus h-index step by step

This guide will explain what is H-index and how to find your H-index in web of science, scopus and google scholar.

Step by step

Log in to Scopus database on campus click here.

off campus click here then click on database subject general, scroll down and click on Scopus.

The default search in this database is document search, to search for an author make sure to select the author search option and enter the last name and first initial or first full name of the author. You can also add the name of the Institution to make sure you get the exact person.

Author search will return anyone in the database with the same name. Identify the correct author and check the results. You can also refine your search results by adding the affiliation name (university, institute, organization). Review the results to make sure you have the desired search result.

Click on the author/authors names you are searching for to view their details. 

This page will give you detailed information; list of publications, citation overviews, number of documents and co-authors etc.

To get the h-index detailed information, click either on (analyze author output) or (view h-graph).