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How to search for articles in Journals: Search results

This guide explain how to search for journals and how to find and search for articles in these journals, and how to evaluate your search results.

Too many or too few?


After searching databases and journals for articles did you find:

Too many results?

If you found too many articles, try to search again but this time limit your search by using different keywords, and also use one of the boolean operators to narrow down your search results. e.g. if you did your first search by using communication and skills, try to include more keywords and search again. e.g. communication + skills + higher education....etc.

Few results found?

If your search did not get you enough information or articles try to broaden your topic by using truncation to give you more chance on finding more articles related to your topic e.g. communication* .

Try to search for synonyms or different word spellings related to your topic.

Try use more broader terms for your topic and search again.

For more information on Boolean searching operators click here