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A journey to explore the learning platform which provides access to thousands of courses and videos for both learning and self development and teaching.


Once you login to you can start exploring and searching.

To explore Library put the course on library and check the available topics, software, learning paths.

You can also search for video's, full courses or training lessons. Type a keyword related to your topic and explore the results. will give a brief description of the learning path, number of courses you need to take. And for more details click on the course you chose.

Learning Path has thousands of courses in it's online library from there you can choose and create your training plan.

You can also make a list of topics you are interested in learning, now or in future.

Basic course layout

Basic Screen layout of the course:

On the left you have the table of content (chapter and video titles) and the notebook tab ( to add your personal notes).

Below the video screen you will find the overview tab where you can find more information about the course.

The transcript tab where you can follow what the course instructor is saying word by word which can be useful when you don't have earphones or can't turn on the volume to listen.

The view offline tab allows you to download the course (download the desktop application) and watch your courses and video's offline, and on your own pace.

The exercise files tab under the main video screen will give you access to the same example files, photos, documents...etc to allow you follow along and do what the instructor is doing.

Sometimes you will have to do some exercises to be able to move to the next chapter in the course and if you fail you have to do it again and again until you pass and get the required grade. (not all courses have exercises)

These files can also be downloaded on your computer.