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ProQuest OASIS: Selector Workflow

This guide to help selectors and ratifiers with the process of selections and ordering

Selector workflow- Video

Selector Basic Workflow

The Selector is the person within the library responsible only for the selection of books for the purpose of placing orders.

- You can use the Quick search or the Advanced Search.

When selecting Advanced Search, you can use:

- The simple advanced search

- Or the full complete advanced search option. A helpful feature is available to search by entering Multiple ISBNs. Click on “Confirm” and “Search

Search Results will display

Check the box for the items you need to send to Ratifier for ordering and select either Add to Cart, or Express Checkout. You can also create lists and add books to them.

By clicking on “Update Oasis” your selections will be delivered to Acquisitions Librarians to place the orders.  

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