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APA Style: Podcasts

A guide to APA referencing style for Khalifa University students and staff


Standard format for citation

Artist, A. A. (Credit), & Artist, B. B. (Credit). (Year of copyright, Date of recording). Title of episode. Title of Programme: Subtitle [format]. Place of recording: Publisher. (Year of recording if different from year of copyright). Retrieved from internet address


Podcast radio programme
Gary, S. (Presenter). (2007, December 23). Black hole death ray. StarStuff [Podcast radio programme]. Sydney, NSW: ABC News Radio. Retrieved from

Podcast television programme
Brown, W. (Presenter)., Brodie, K. (Presenter)., & George, P. (Producer). (2007, June 4). From Lake Baikal to the halfway mark, Yekaterinburg. Peking to Paris: Episode 3 [Podcast television programme]. Sydney, NSW: ABC Television. Retrieved from