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Adding images to your paper: Google Images

This guide is created to help and guide you on how to search for images, how to use images in your text or paper, and how to cite images

Searching google for images

Do a Google search for your topic. Then you can choose the time period, country or check all results. Next, click on images and you should have images from your requested time period.

  • Google advanced image search provides more opportunities to limit your results:
    • Exact size
    • Aspect ratio (proportions)
    • File type (JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, SVG)
    • Domain (examples: .edu, .org, .gov)
    • Usage Rights-find images that are labeled for:
      • Reuse
      • Commercial reuse
      • Reuse with modification
      • Commercial reuse with modification

and many more option

Once you find the image you were looking for, cite the website you took the image from, not Google, then provide the link that takes you directly to the image.

Image taken from National geographic you tube video

When you use an image for your paper or project taken from Google images, a database, a book, make sure to cite that image properly to avoid plagiarism and to give credit to the creator of the image.

Google image search