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GRE Test Preparation: Preparing for your GRE test

This guide help students to understand the structure of the GRE test, how to prepare and schedule a study plan, and some tips and tricks to help them pass the test

Tips to pass the test

General tips:

  1. First thing you need to do is set your score goal according to the graduate program you're going to apply to. Setting a score goal will help you measure when you practice how close you are in reaching your goal. Set your score goal and create a study timeline.
  2. Visit the GRE official website, to read about the test and get familiar with the test requirements.
  3. Download from the GRE website the official practice test called powerprep 2, it's a software which contains two GRE practice tests very similar to the real test.

How to plan your study timeline:

Different students needs different timeline plans depending on their skill level. 

  1. Create a calendar or use a planner to assign and schedule tasks you need to do weekly. For example, week one practice writing essays of each type, practice verbal questions, and practice math questions. Assign one or two days to review your answers to see how you are progressing. Your schedule should include at least six practice tests of each subject.
  2. If you feel that your schedule is not good enough to full fill your study and progress needs or plan, change it and create a new one.
  3. If you are practicing the math questions, make sure that you fully understand the concept of the test, is it testing exponents or fractions, then try to have a technique especially when practicing verbal questions.
  4. During your first week practice program, don't time yourself, focus on understanding the technique and concept of the questions. The second week try to calculate your timing and compare to the actual test timing, and gradually improve.
  5. When practicing the test, if your answer was not correct or you did not understand the question, try to understand and figure why and what did you do wrong to determine what you need to work on or improve more to get the required results and score.