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Innovation in STEM/STEAM Education: Collaboration

This guide was made to promote and share resources, ideas, and information related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) at KU libraries.

File Sharing Tools


Use your browser to send and receive large documents securely and easily. Free trial, Hosted


Share, manage and access all your business content online. Business plans available. Hosted


Keep files synced between computers, automatically back up files online. Pro plans available, Hosted/Download 


Simplest file sharing sites. Hosted

Giga Tribe 

Private, secure, unlimited file sharing. Hosted


3-ring binder for the web.  Share resources with others.Hosted


share, publish and explore. Hosted


File sharing service. Hosted


from Windows. Hosted


Web based tagging system for sharing and storing files of any type. Hosted

wiki upload

File hosting and sharing. Price plan available, Hosted

Wuala : File hosting and sharing service. Hosted

Collaborative Corkboards

Corkboard : Helps you remember what you want, and discover what others are posting. Hosted

Edistorm : Edistorm takes the metaphor of sticky notes on a boardroom wall and brings it online allowing anyone – anywhere to brainstorm with only a web browser. Hosted

Learnist : a pinning board for learnnigs

Lino : Lino is a free sticky & canvas service that requires nothing but a Web browser. Easy to post it, see it and peel off. Hosted

Pinterest : virtual pinboard

Stixy : Create as many Stixyboards as you like, one for each project. Use Stixy to easily organize and share. Hosted

Springpad : A free organizer to save and share just about anything. Hosted

WallWisher : Collaborative noticeboard. Hosted 

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Social Calendars

ACT Time Zone & Meeting Planner Tool : Need to arrange a meeting with several people spread around the world? The Meeting Planner Tool will help you find a convenient time to meet. Hosted

CalendarFly : Next generation free scheduling solution, CalendarFly, automatically maintains and updates the schedules of teachers, administrators, coaches, parents, and students–making it easy for all of them to connect in real time and real places. Hosted : Interactive web calendar hosting service, where you and anyone you choose can post events visible and printable by whomever you choose, or everyone. Hosted

Chipmark : Save your bookmarks online. Hosted

ClockShare : Web-based online calendar that manages your schedule and shared resources. Sync appointments with friends and colleagues, schedule appointments with local businesses, and much more.

Diarised : Help you pick the best date for a meeting. Free, Hosted

Dingbee : The easiest way to share, follow and discover events – a social calendar. Hosted

Doodle : Schedule an event. Hosted

Google Calendar : Shareable calendar. Hosted 

Hotmail Calendar : Manage your time, coordinate schedules, works with Outlook calendar. Hosted

Jiffle : Make scheduling appointments and meetings quick and simple. Works with Google Calendar and MS Outlook. Download

MeetOMatic : Simple meeting scheduler. Hosted

 MeetwithApproval : Arrange a meeting or event. Work out which day is good for everyone and keep track of who is coming. Hosted

Mixin : Make the most of your social time by making it easy to see what your friends are doing and when they are available. Hosted

OfficeCalendar : Share Microsoft Outlook Calendar and Contacts with Office Calendar. Free Trial, Download

ScheduleOnce : Simple service to help you find a time for for your meeting. Hosted

Timebridge : Send a single email to coworkers, clients, or friends and TimeBridge finds a meeting time everyone can make. Hosted

TimeToMeet : A simple visual way to find a common time with other people. Hosted

When is Good : An easy way to find out when everyone is free for your next meeting or event. Pricing plans available. Hosted

WhenShallWe : Finds a day that everyone can make. Hosted

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Social Bookmarking

19 pencils : discover, manage and share content for learning. Hosted

A1-Webmarks : A webmark marks a location on the web, just like a bookmark marks a location in a book. It’s a web page, whose address you want to remember for some reason. Hosted

All my favourites – Just give your friends the link to your allmyfavorites web page and they can browse your favorites. Hosted

BibSonomy – System for sharing bookmarks and lists of literature. Hosted

BlogMarks – A collaborative link management project based on sharing and key-word tagging. Hosted

BookmarkG – Save and share weblinks. Hosted

Buddymarks – The online personal, group and social bookmarks manager. Hosted

Butterfly – Collect, redline and share bookmarks. Hosted

Caloosh – The easiest and most efficient way to organise meetings free of charge by identifying the earliest possible opportunity for everyone to meet up. Hosted

Delicious : Social bookmarking service that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. Hosted 

diigo : Powerful research tool and knowledge sharing community. Diigo Groups provides a collaborative research and learning tool that allows any group of people to pool their findings through group bookmarks, highlights, sticky notes, and forum. Hosted 

edutagger – Social bookmarking service for K-12 learners and educators, allowing you to store your web links online and share them with others, all within an educational context. Hosted

evri : Discover, Follow, Curate, & Share. Evri brings you the latest stories, helps you track the ones that matter most and enables you to curate your own channels. Hosted

Faves : Save your favourite pages, follow people and topic groups of interest.  Add a note to your bookmark. : Inter-operable social bookmarking service. Download, Open source

Givealink : Share your bookmarks with the community. Use the GiveALink visualization tool to visualize the tag-url network and organize your links.Hosted

ibrii – Save and Share everything you see from web pages. Hosted : Allows you to upload, and keep, your bookmarks on the web for free. You can access them at any time, from any computer… anywhere! Hosted

Jumptags : Service for collecting, storing, sharing and distributing web bookmarks, notes, rss feeds, contacts, and much more. Hosted

koolontheweb : Store, organize and share your bookmarks on the web. Hosted

krumlr : Bookmark to Krumlr and tweet to Twitter with a single click (no copying or pasting URLs). Hosted

Learn Fizz : a kind of Delicious for learning. Hosted

linkaGoGo : Provides instant access to your bookmarks. Hosted

Netvouz : Organize your bookmarks in folders and tag each bookmark with keywords. Access them quickly on your own personalized bookmarks page.  Share them or password protect them. Hosted

Pinboard : Pinboard is a low-noise bookmarking site. Hosted

Pinterest : Pin your bookmarks visually. Hosted

reddit : A source for what’s new and popular online. vote on links that you like or dislike and help decide what’s popular, or post your own! Hosted

Save This : Save, organise and share links to your favourite web pages. Hosted

Scuttle : Web-based social bookmarking system. Allows multiple users to store, share and tag their favourite links online. Open source, Download

Second Brain : Save, share and discover great bookmarks. Hosted

Sharetivity : Share, save and search. A browser plugin. Download

Smub : Post, share and bookmark instantly from your mobile device.Download

Stumbleupon : Discover the best of the web. Hosted 

Stumpedia : Share, save, organize, & rank all your bookmarks in one place. Hosted : Automagically collects the links you share online … and makes them searchable. Hosted

TwoBrains ; With Two Brains, you and others can collaborate by sharing resources, comments, thoughts and ideas with one another. It combines social bookmarking and shared goals to support a community of learning. Hosted : Bookmark the pictures you like around the web. Enjoy people’s favorite images. Hosted

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