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Mobile Library Services: Tools for Teaching IL

This subject guide is intended to help you get started mobilizing you library instruction and library services

Iconographics Tools

Managing Files, Link etc Across Multiple Devices

Google services (Google docs, Gmail,  Google calender etc)

Apple family (iCloud services)

Browser syncing functions

Chrome. Firefox (built-in), Xmarks

Note taking + All in one services

Evernote , Microsoft's OneNoteSpringpad etc

Traditional social bookmarking services  

DeliciousDiigo , Pinboard and Pinterest

Readitlater services  

InstapaperReaditlater even the latest iOs device has a "Add to reading list" function.

File syncing services  

DropboxBoxGoodreaderMinusMicrosoft Skydrive (new ios app)

All-in-one services (bought out by delicious), GreplinPrimadesk

Presentation Tools

Tools for Synchronous Online Instruction

Curation Tools displayed everything you shared on Twitter without allowing you to filter.




Rebelmouse  automatically displayed everything you shared via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc but gave you the chance to remove and/or reorder entries.






What is a podcast?

It's a package of multimedia files that can be downloaded from the Internet and played on a computer or mobile device.

These are some useful TOEFL podcasts:

QR Code

QR Code Generators


QR Stuff


QR Code Readers





QR Code Treasure Hunt Generator



Privacy concerns. Classroom account has to be private (single account for your class). Using a group hashtag (#) for a particular project, task or week.


Student work showcase

Student of the week

Favourite book

Class memories

Historical figures

Literary Character

Manga Character

Record research steps

Reading Recommendations

Book club

Friends of the library

Scavenger Hunt

Writing ideas

Poetry competition

Document student progress

Assess favorite areas of the library

Encourage feedback


Reading Apps