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Introduction to Patents: Start Here

The information and resources presented on this library guide are intended to support academic purposes of patent searching at Khalifa University. None of the information provided should be considered as legal advice.

What is Patentable?

Inventions have to meet three main criteria to become a patent:

  • Novel idea (unique and new, never made public in any way, anywhere, before the date of the filed application)
  • Useful
  • Non-obvious to someone skilled in the art

(Note: to be patented, full disclosure of the technology must be provided.)

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What is Patent? by MIT TechTV

World Patent Information Journal

KU students and staff have access to the World Patent Information Journal via ScienceDirect Database.

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Types of Intellectual Property

There are fourth types of intellectual property: patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and trade secrets.


Trademarks a recognizable sign, design or expression which identifies products or services. Examples: Nike check mark logo, Burberry check pattern.


Trade secret is s carefully guarded information that represents a competitive advantage for a business. To be considered a trade secret, information must clearly contribute to a company's future revenue and must be unknown to all competitors. Some of the famous examples are: Coca -Cola formula, Google Search algorithm, WD-40, KFC recipe etc. 
A new invention for which a patent application has not been filed yet should be treated as trade secret. Once filed patent is not a secret.



What is Patent?

What is a patent?

A patent is a monopoly right to the exclusive use of an invention. A patent lasts for a maximum period of 20 years dating from when the application for the patent was filed. To keep it in force during this period annual renewal fees have to be paid, starting from the first (Canada, US) or fourth anniversary (UK) of the filing date.

Patent Related Books at KU Libraries

These are some of the titles in our collection. If you want to suggest book for purchase, please email us detailed bibiolgraphic information at

Types of Patents

There are 3 main types of patents:

  1. Utility: for new and useful process, machine, manufacture, composition of matter or any new and useful improvement thereof.
  2. Design: appearance of an item is protected. Patent must be an original design for a manufactured item.
  3. Plant: for invented or discovered distinct and new variety of plant, newly found seedlings, and living organisms.

Difference Between Design and Utility Patents

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