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Popular Vs Scholarly: Comparison

This guide explains what is popular and scholarly publications. Comparison and types of each.

Popular vs. Scholarly

Articles from magazines and newspapers can be straightforward to use for your research. Most read easily from start to finish. As popular sources, the vocabulary in magazines and newspapers is understandable for most readers. These sources also tend to synthesize a topic into its most basic elements. Magazine and newspaper articles are easy to skim and spot information that relates to your project.

Unlike these popular sources, scholarly articles are longer in length, contain specialized vocabulary, and include in-depth information written for scholars, experts, and students studying the topic. The information addresses specific aspects of a topic rather than the "big picture." Because of this, it is helpful to utilize effective reading strategies while tackling these important sources of information. (2017). LibGuides: Research Foundations: Reading Scholarly Articles. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Sep. 2017].