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Scholarship Search Websites & Resources: Scholarship Searching Tips

This guide is useful to students looking for scholarships, and to give them some tips on how to search for a scholarship and how to apply

General Tips

General Tips:

  • Investigate as many scholarship opportunities as possible.
  • Read all application requirements thoroughly.
  • Create an email account only for scholarship applications and check this email account frequently.
  • Create a calendar to add all applications and submitting deadlines.
  • Create a folder to save all your application required papers, such as photo, certificates, and other documents.
  • Write essays tailored to the scholarship.

Top tips on how to win a scholarship:

  • Start searching for scholarships as soon as possible don't keep it to the last minute.
  • Apply for more than one scholarship that match your profile and for which you are eligible.
  • When you apply add all the required information, don't miss any and follow all the instructions.
  • Keep track of all your submissions and deadlines.
  • When you write an essay write about something of your interest and something you like.
  • Before you submit, proofread your essay.
  • Don't exceed the required length of the essay, and don't exceed the number of recommendations.
  • Don't apply for a scholarship if you are not qualified.
  • Avoid submitting exaggerated information or lies on your application.
  • Be aware of scholarship scams.
  • Don't give any personal information, like bank account, credit card or passwords.