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Refworks: Refworks Citation Manager (RCM)

Teaches you how to use the new RefWorks and describes new features in this citation tool.


RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is a tool you can use within Word to add references directly to your work and then generate a reference list/bibliography based on these in-text references. RCM is available via the Store in Word (once installed it should appear within the ribbon).

If you have Word 2016 or above on your device, you would ideally use RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) rather than Write-n-Cite (WNC) to insert citations and bibliographies into your documents. 

Please note: if you have already started a document using Write-n-Cite you must finish it using that tool as you cannot switch between RCM and WNC within a document.

The latest version of RCM was released in May 2020; if you have previously installed RCM it may automatically upgrade.  If it doesn't upgrade you can uninstall it and re-install it - however, if you are still working on documents, do not manually upgrade until you have finished all current documents.

  • Mac users with Word 2016 must use RCM, there is no compatible WnC version.
  • RCM works with Office 365 but you may need to use the desktop version of Word.

Installing Refworks Citation Manager

  •  In Word go to ‘Insert’ tab and click on Store.

  • Enter 'RefWorks' into Search in the Office Store and then select RefWorks Citation Manager icon from the list results and click add button. 

  • RCM pane will open at the right of your screen, log in with your RefWorks login and password to access your account contents.