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How to measure and increase your research impact: Research Impact and digital identity

This libguide is to know how to increase your impact and how to measure your research impact

What is your research identity?

Your researcher identity is made up of a number of elements that together represent you as a researcher, your publication outputs, and the impact of your publications.

These elements include:

  • Your researcher name as it appears on your publications
  • Your researcher profiles
  • Your institutional affiliation, which may change over time
  • Your formal publications and works (e.g. journal articles, books and book chapters, published conference papers, published data, creative works etc.), including Open Access publications
  • Your less formal publications and works (e.g. opinion pieces and editorials, blog posts, conference presentations, online videos, websites etc.)
  • Your work as it appears in ResearchGate and other scholarly networks
  • Citations and references to your work in other works
  • Mentions of your work in mass and social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, blogs

You can use your researcher identity to promote the visibility and the academic and social impact of your work.