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KU Medical Library - UpToDate Lexidrug Guide

This guide will give you an overview of the drug database Lexicomp and help you get started with using it.

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What is Lexicomp?

Image of Lexicomp logoUpToDate Lexidrug (formerly Lexicomp) is a point-of-care and clinical database focused on drugs. It is widely used in healthcare settings and its comprehensive information helps providers access critical drug information quickly and efficiently to support safe, effective patient care. Beyond in-depth drug information, it has tools to help you find interactions between drugs, identify unknown pills, provide patient education material in different languages, and run calculations with drug-related calculators.

It is from the same publisher as UpToDate and uses a similar interface, though unlike UpToDate KU does not provide access to the Lexicomp app.

While most information in Lexicomp is only available in English, some patient information for adults and children is offered in Arabic among other languages. See slide number 7 in the slideshow overview below for more information.