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Boolean Searching Tips: Start Here

Searching tips and techniques for higher-level students. Advanced searching techniques to ensure retrieving all possible information.

Searching Databases

This libguide will teach you the most common searching techniques and tips.

The key to get accurate results as quickly as possible is to learn and to use the best common searching techniques that can be applied on almost all databases and search engines.

Learning these search techniques is important because searching library databases is a bit different and more complicated than searching google.

Searching catalogs and databases

Databases are composed of thousands and millions of records, subjects, and keywords. How can we find the information we are looking for and the records that contain the information we want.

The two basic ways of searching and retrieving information is to search by keywords and / or by subject besides other types of searching methods and techniques such as:

1- Keyword searching.

2- Subject searching.

3- Author searching.

4- Footnote searching.

5- Citation searching.

6- LC classification titles browsing.

7- Journal articles browsing.


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