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Mobile Learning: Science Apps

General Science Apps

The VideoScience app includes a library of over 80 science lessons on video.
The Moon app shows the moon phases and altitudes.  It also allows users to research the moon at any date in the past or in the future.
Get closer than ever before to an exquisite collection of the most valuable and highly coveted gems, gemstones, and jewels that have captivated human beings for millennia. Learn about the rocks, minerals, and organic materials that are transformed by the jeweler's art into things of great beauty.

March of the Dinosaurs is an interactive story book that comes alive in your hands with highly realistic 3D dinosaurs that spin and zoom at the touch of your fingers.  This app allows you to follow the story of the migration of dinosaurs in the Arctic 70 million years ago.

Journey to the Exoplanets app allows you to explore the mysterious planets outside the Solar System.

iQuake Mini is an app that allows users to view the latest earthquake activity around the globe.

Puzzling Plates app provides an interactive, engagin experience that allows users to explore the large tectonic plates

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