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Research Services: Searching Techniques

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How to phrase a research question.

 Research questions

A common method of focusing on a research ptoject is to phrase a research question. The design of a single, succinct question is a challenge for all researchers and the research team may consider several iterations before it is accepted. The research question will directly lead to one or more methods of investigation, and these can be divided into a number of research aims.

The research question can be phrased using one of the following questioning words:


- Review the literature for previous failure reports.

- Assess the wind conditions at the time of failure.

- Undertake numerical modelling experiments.


- Review the literature seeking results from previous trials.

- Conduct compression and shear experiments using different mixtures of concrete.


- Review the literature and patents for automatic braking systems.

- Calculate the braking power required.


- Review the literature for previous studies in different rock types and environmental conditions.

- Review the types of roof bolts in common use.

- Conduct experiments to measure the degradation of the roof bolts under accelerated environmental conditions.

Searching Techniques

Searching strategies

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Research Managers

Qiqqa (free)

Used by academics, researchers, and businesses.

The essential free research and reference manager. Search for, read and annotate your PDFs.Then review your work, write up and create bibliographies instantly.

BibMe (free)

The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. It’s the easiest way to generate citations to build a works cited page. And it’s free.