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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): Methodologies

An introduction to SoTL, resources, methodologies, conferences, and other useful information

Which Methodology to use?

Most SoTL is conducted in the classroom making the choice of research methodology sometimes difficult. However, as Boyer pointed out, systematicity is the key characteristic.

One of the most common research methods used it SoTL is Action Research.

What is Action Research?

Research Process

Step one: Define a problem

Step tow: Read the Literature

Step three: Write the Literature Review

Step four: Create a Research Question of Hypothesis

Step five: Chose a Research Method

Step six: Collect your Data

Step seven: Analyze You Data

Step eight: Draw Conclusions

Step nine: Write a Paper

Step ten: Submit Paper to a Conference or Publication

Books on Research Methodology

Books on Action Research @ KU Libraries

For more books on this topic please search under subject "Action Research in Education."