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Moodle learning Management System: Create a library information block

This guide helps you integrate library resources and services into your Moodle classes.

What is a Library Information Block?

Library blocks help ensure that your students have quick, easy access to important information about the library, including links to our website, online library catalog and contact information. This block can be customizable with whatever information is most suitable for your students' needs.

Adding curriculum builder to a moodle course


  • Log in to your Moodle course and turn editing on

  •  Add an activity, select "External tool" from the menu, then click "Add"

  • In the General section:
    • Name the activity (e.g., "Weekly Readings")
    • For External tool type, select 'EDS Curriculum Builder'
    • Include the 'Launch URL':
    • For Launch Container, switch from 'Default' to 'New Window'
  • Click "Save and return to course" or "Save and display" 

How to create a Library Information Block

To create a Library Information Block please:

1.) Turn editing on, and go to Add a Block

2.) Select HTML from the dropdown menu

3.) Select "Configure (new HTML block) block" from the list of actions to begin adding content to your library block.