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Moodle learning Management System: Embed A Librarian into your Moodle

This guide helps you integrate library resources and services into your Moodle classes.

Why Embed a Librarian into Moodle Course?

Do you know that you could include a librarian in your Moodle course page? Librarians could answer your students library related questions in discussion board, and post research tips and links to resources.  

If your course is research intensive, it may be useful to create a forum where students can post questions about library resources, services and research. 

For more information about this library initiative, please feel free to contact us. 

Links to library services

The Libguides can assist students in starting their research. We developed all Petroleum Institute program guides and many subject guides

Steps to link Libguides and research FAQs

  1. Open your Moodle course
  2. Turn editing on
  3. Add a resource in the week where you wish the Library Research link to appear
  4. Choose to Link to a File or Website
  5. Give the Resource a Name like Research FAQ
  6. Copy and paste this URL into the Location field
  7. Click the Save and Return to Course button

Please feel free to consult with librarians about creating a resource and research guide for your students on a particular topic or for a specific class.

Steps to Embedding a Librarian into Moodle Course

  1. Talk to a librarian you wish to work with
  2. Discuss their role in your course
  3. From your Moodle course's homepage, under the "Administration" box on the left hand select "Users" 
  4. Then select "Enroll Users" in the upper right hand side of the page
  5. A small pop-up window displays, in the "Assign roles" pull-down menu, select "Librarian"
  6. At the bottom of the pop-up window, enter the librarian's name or email address and then press the Enter key
  7. The librarian's name shoud be displayed in the pop-up window. Select the Enroll button next to his/her name
  8. Select the "Finish enrolling users" button at the bottom of the pop-up window
  9. The librarian's name displays under the "Enrolled" users list

This will allow a librarian to monitor Moodle to see what questions students may have during your course.