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Starting Out

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It is suggested that you do these things before you start your Clerkships:

Clerkship Guide Welcome

Welcome to the KU Medical Library Clerkship Guide.

You will find general information and more detailed information for each of your clinical clerkship areas. Information includes specialty guides, patient information resources, app downloads, and more.

Get Help

If you need help accessing, using, or suggesting resources, please reach out to your medical librarian:

Clinical Resources

The following resources are designed or are especially useful for work in a clinical environment. Which resources fit with which scenarios?:

Research Resources

To find journal articles, systematic reviews and meta analyses, guidelines, other research-oriented information you can use the following:

General Books

Clinical Apps and Mobile Sites

Some resources are designed with smartphones and tablets in mind, such as PubMed, Others, like UpToDate offer dedicated apps. Below is a list for each:

Public and Consumer Health Websites