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Research Data Management: Teaching DM

Data Management for researchers provides a framework for preserving, sharing, and archiving data.

Learning opportunities

Coursera Landing Page for Data Management Course

Research Data Management and Sharing
Free online course. Certificate available for nominal fee.

Presented through Coursera the University of North Chapel Hill and the University of Edinburgh. Can be audited at any time. A certificate is available at well, offered every few months. A worthwhile introduction to the topic. Students are guided through basic principles and shown resources to help implement Data Management as part of their research practice. 




Teaching Data Management

More and more institutions are actively practicing, and actively teaching, Data Management. Here are some resources to help address data management as part of your own courses: 

New England Collaborative Data Management Curriculum


University of British Columbia (UBC)


Creating a Data Management Plan
University of Minnesota presentations for faculty and researchers on developing Data Management Plans for their research. A good place to find information on creating and refining data management plans. 


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