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KU Medical Library - Embase Guide

Exporting Citations from Embase

As with other databases, Embase offers you the ability to export your citations to citation management tools such as RefWorks, EndNote, and many others. This can be done for individual article citations or for bulk citations.

For a single citation, find and click Export to start the process.

Image of single citation export


For a set of articles you can export them in bulk. For example, from citation results you can use the check box at the top of the list of articles to export all of the citations, or you can select articles one-by-one by checking the box next to its name. You can also export citations you have save to your clipboard in bulk.

Image of Embase export bulk citations


On the next screen you will see a dropdown menu that gives different options for saving citations. There are two main ways to export citations:

  • RIS format: This will download a file of your citation(s) that you can then upload to a wide range of citation management tools like EndNote, Mendeley, RefWorks, etc. 
  • RefWorks direct export: If you have a RefWorks account through KU, you can directly send your citation(s) to your RefWorks account. There are a few steps to complete the process. If this is not working for you, just use the RIS format file to upload manually into RefWorks.

Image of Embase citation export menu