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KU Medical Library - Embase Guide

Advanced Embase Searching

Beyond the simple, basic search, Embase offers you advanced searching, specific and specialized searching, as well as Emtree subject term searching (explained on another page). Embase allows you to use advanced search techniques like Boolean operators to build complex quieies when conducting searches to support things like systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Among the pre-built search tools offered by Embase are:

  • PICO framework search
  • Pharmacovigilance (PV) wizard
  • Medical devices
  • Drugs
  • Diseases
  • Devices

The Advanced tab will help guide you in building a more complex and focused search. In the image below you can see the main options to the right of the Search button. Many of these reflect the filters you see in your search results like gender and age. You will also see options for setting how your Emtree terms will work (for example, exploding terms); for more information on this please see the Emtree tab.

Image of Embase advanced search 1

Another useful tab to note is the Fields tab, as seen below. This will allow you to use terms to search specific fields. For example, if you want cancer to appear in the title or Smith as an author you can set those here. 

Image of Embase advanced search 2