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KU Medical Library - Embase Guide

Personal Embase Account

Embase offers you the option for creating a personal account, though this not a requirement to use Embase. This separate from your KU credentials, and would be used after you authenticate (if off campus). A personal account allows you save clipboards (collections of results) and set up search alerts to notify you when new articles are indexed based on your saved search parameters. 

To create an account, click Sign In in the upper right of the Embase screen. If you have an existing account you can sign in, or you can create a new one if needed.

Image for Embase sign in


Once you are signed in you will see your user name. You can click it to make changes to your personal account. If you are creating an account for the first time you will click the Sign in via your institution as seen below. 

Image of Embase login


Next search for Khalifa University, select it, and click Continue

Image of Embase login


Finally, use your KU email to create your personal account. Unlike a PubMed account, your Embase account will only be active while you are associated with KU. 

Image of Embase login 3


Embase will often remember your log in credentials, but each time you open the database check to see if you see your name in the upper right.. If you see the general "Sign in" button make sure to log in to be able save results, Clipboards, etc.