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Exploring Prezi: Adding Information to your Prezi

This guide is to help users learn how to create presentations using Prezi.

Adjusting and adding text

You can start adjusting and adding text by clicking on each slide. Click on the object you want to adjust, first click will show first level changes you can make, double click will give more options for changes like, bullet list, indentation, alignment etc.

If you click on the slide itself, it will be zoomed in and you can then add your text, images, videos etc.

Adding Audios and videos

You can add audio's and  video's in two ways. The first way is to click on insert and choose audio or video


or click on the music icon

Adding Images Shapes and Symbols

You can add images to your Prezi slide, click on insert and choose image, shape etc.


Inserting a PDF to your Prezi

To add a PDF document to your Prezi:

- Click on the place where you want to add your PDF to.

- Go to insert image.

- Click on the PDF document you want to add, choose and open.

- If your PDF contains more than one page all pages will be added to your Prezi and will appear as an image in your presentation. These images can be edited, moved, deleted, resized and rotated.

- To change the location of the PDF click to select it and drag it to where you want to re-place.

- To resize the PDF, click on it, then drag a corner to enlarge or reduce it's size.