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Exploring Prezi: Publishing and Sharing your Prezi

This guide is to help users learn how to create presentations using Prezi.

Copying your Prezi

In some cases it's good to have more than one copy of your presentation such as making a template to be shared with others, or multiple versions for different departments...etc.

From the dashboard screen click on make a copy, the second copy will appear next to the first one.

You might want to rename the second copy, and to do that just click on the title and change it.

Sharing your Prezi

In Prezi next a variety of ways available to enable users to share presentations, one of these ways is sending a trackable view link or create an exported file that you can present anywhere and offline too. Users can deactivate the links at anytime to stop sharing or tracking their presentations.

How to create a view link:

- From the dashboard, click the arrow in the thumbnail of a presentation to open the view screen.

- Click create new link.

- Give the link a name, such as name of the project, workshop, occasion etc.