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TOEFL Preparation: Start Here

This guide will you learn best ways to study and prepare for your TOEFL exam

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The score reports provide information about your readiness to participate and succeed in academic studies in an english-speaking institution.

Score reports include your four skill scores and your toal score. For the internet based test you can find your scores online free of charge two weeks after the test. Papers copies of your score will be sent to you shortly after they have been posted online.

The TOEFL iBT test provides scores in four skill areas:

Reading 0-30

Listening 0-30

Speaking 0-30

Writing 0-30

Total Score 0-120 (the total score is the sum of the four section scores)

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This subject guide is intended to help you get started preparing for the IELTS exam at the Petroleum Institute Library and it's designed to match test requrements. It introduces you to various types of information sources such as books, e-books, audio visual materials, and databases held at the Petroleum Institute Library and ILC, as well as frequently-used sites on the worldwide web and moblie apps.

Please make sure to check out the different tabs and contact your liaison if you have any questions or suggestions. You will be able to find a quick answer for the most commonly asked questions during the initial stage of test preparation.

If you have any suggestions for additional applicable resources, please contact your librarian through contact information listed on the right. Also, feel free to contact our library staff with any questions regarding resources or research.

We hope you will find this guide useful for learning and studying.

Have a successful journey!

What is TOEFL

TOEFL is an English language proficiency test developed and administered by ETS (Educational Testing Service).

There is no passing or failing score. The test measures the English language skills important for effective communication in an academic setting.

The test consists of four sections: reading, listening, speaking and wiritng.

The TOEFL test total length: 4 hours

Reading Listening BREAK Speaking Writing
60-100 min 60-90 min Mandatory 20 minutes 50 minutes
36-70 questions 34-51 questions 10 minutes break 6 tasks 2 tasks

Read passages, then respond to questions

Listen to lectures or or a classroom discussion, then respond to questions

for all test takers Using a microephone, speak about familiar topics, and discuss material, you read about and listen to. Read a passage, listen to a recording and, then write your response (keyboard typing)

The TOEFL requires test takers to combine skills just as they would have to in a real academic setting e.g.:

  • read, listen and then speak in response to a question
  • listen and then speak in reponse to a question
  • read, listen, and then write in response to a question

By doing well on the TOEFL test you will prove you have:

  • reading skills
  • listening skills
  • speaking skills and
  • writing skils

that universities throughout the world including the Petroleum Institute are looking for.


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