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TOEFL Preparation: Test Preparation useful websites

This guide will you learn best ways to study and prepare for your TOEFL exam

Test Preparation Websites


Learn 4 Good

Learn4Good is one of the popular websites that helps you prepare for TOEFL. The website provides you with interactive examples of TOEFL test questions. With Learn4Good, you can get yourself familiar with TOEFL, its scoring, number of questions, and much more.


This free website for TOEFL preparation comes up with 11 short tests having 25 questions in each test, 17 quick exercises, TOEFL Reading section, Writing Section and much more. In addition, the website also gives you a complete list of possible TOEFL writing section topics and TOEFL Vocabulary.


Jumbo Tests

JumboTests is one of the best online TOEFL test prep tools that helps you to achieve high score in TOEFL test. This free TOEFL website helps you with all the sections of the TOEFL such as Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and other.


JumboTests brings to you 10 to 20 TOEFL sample questions of each topic such as vocabulary practice, listening section, reading test, writing section, grammar test, and various other categories.

In addition, this free  website to prepare for TOEFL also provides full length TOEFL online tests that will help you diagnose your weak area.


Exam English

Exam English is another popular website for TOEFL Exam. This free website helps you with everything related to TOEFL such as TOEFL Test Format, Versions of TOEFL Test, TOEFL Tips, this website gives everything required to prepare for TOEFL. You can also register for real TOEFL Exam through this website.



Test Magic

Test Magic  delivers everything related to TOEFL. Right from Official TOEFL website, to TOEFL FAQs, to TOEFL classes, to study plan, to TOEFL practice tests, just everything.



Also check out Language Repeater to improve listening skills for TOEFL.


Ending my last post with this last but of course not the least website for TOEFL preparation, TOEFL IBT Course. This website is basically designed for all TOEFL Test takers.

The website has been categorized into parts for each section such as Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Clicking on any of the sections, for example: Reading, will bring you everything related to Reading including a free sample book for Reading comprehension.