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TOEFL Preparation: TOEFL Apps and Other Media

This guide will you learn best ways to study and prepare for your TOEFL exam

TOEFL Apps on Google Play

YouTube Clips

  • YouTube
    There are many TOEFL resources available on YouTube, such as tutorials, lessons, tips and test examples. Try typing in "TOEFL" to see the range of videos available. If you are looking for videos on a specific part of the test, you can type that in – eg "TOEFL speaking".

    Also, you can see related videos on TOEFL in the URL address below:


TOEFL TV has tips from real teachers and real students to help improve your English skills.

TOEFL iTunes Apps

Following are some of the best iPad Apps to help you prepare for TOEFL.


TOEFL Vocabulary


TOEFL Listening









TOEFL Social Networking Sites

English Teaching Forum - Facebook Page

Facebook page for the journal English Teaching Forum.  The page provides information about the journal, and includes comments from readers. 

ESL - Facebook Page

Sponsored by Gonzaga University, the ESL Facebook Page is open to the public.  The page's 1400+ members discuss and share everything ESL/EFL-related, including language materials, language education programs, job postings, and lesson plans. 

ESL Partyland - Facebook Page

Also check out the ESL Partyland Website (, with great resources for students and teachers.

ESL Partyland - Twitter Feed

Follow the editor of ESL Partyland on twitter!  Great ESL-related links.

TESL-EJ: Facebook Page

Facebook Page for TESL-EJ:  The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language.  The page provides information about the journal, and includes comments from readers.  Readers may also communicate with each other via this page.

VOA Learn English - Twitter Feed

News and feature stories in simplified English from Voice of America.  This is a way to learn English and much more.  They have live classes 3 times a day.  You can join them on Facebook @ VOA's Learning English: or go directrly to their website at:

Wordnik - Twitter Feed

Receive tweets from Wordnik, an extensive online dictionary which shows word use in context through numerous example sentences taken from real world publications.  Wordnik also has a Facebook page here: or go to their Website here: