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Find your H-index: What is the H-index

This guide will explain what is H-index and how to find your H-index in web of science, scopus and google scholar.

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What is bibliometrics?

Measures of a scientific writer's influence are called bibliometrics. Techniques for discerning this influence, or impact, range from simple counts of publications to sophisticated mathematical equations. Two of the most well-known bibliometrics are the impact factor, typically applied to journals, and the h-index, typically applied to authors.

What is h-index?

The H index is an index to quantify an individuals scientific research output. J.E.Hirsch.

The h-index is an author level metric that attempts to measure both the productivity and citation impact of the publications of a scholar.

The h-index is based on a scholar's most cited papers and the number of citations that they have received in other publications.

The h- index serve as an alternative to traditional journal impact factor metrics in the evaluation of the impact of the work of a particular researcher. Only the most highly cited articles contribute to the h-index.

Advantages of h-index:

Allows for direct comparisons within a discipline.

Measures quantity and impact by a single value.

Measure simultaneously the quality and quantity of scientific output.

Disadvantages of h-index:

Does not compare across disciplines.

Does not consider context.

The h-index does not account for the typical number of citations in different fields.

It is subject to limitations of tool being used to calculate the h-index.

Can be manipulated through self-citations.

Does not provide a significantly more accurate measure of impact than the total number of citations for a given scholar.



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