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KU Medical Library: Clinical Resources Guide

This guide will give you an overview of resources related to clinical medicine available at the Khalifa University medical library and freely available on the Internet.


UpToDate is an evidence-based point of care resource popular with health care providers. It provides current information based on high levels of evidence found in health care literature. The KU subscription includes access to the UpToDate app.

To learn more about UpToDate go through the slideshow below (use the double in the lower right to show in full-screen mode) and in the boxes below click on the purple pluses for more information about UpToDate's interface. 

KU offers access to UpToDate's very useful app. See below for information and make sure you understand the 90 days issue.

Searching UpToDate Slideshow

UpToDate App

UpToDate app logoKU users of UpToDate have access to its app, available for Android and Apple users. You first need to create a personal account within the database version.

The app is very useful, allowing you look up entries on a mobile device without having to open the database itself and without having to log in each time you use it.

Among the app's features are a voice search. Like the database version, you will be able to build CMEs as you review entries.

NOTE: You will need to log into your database account (not the app itself) within every 90 days. This allows UpToDate to ensure you are still affiliated with KU.

90 days image