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KU Medical Library: Clinical Resources Guide

This guide will give you an overview of resources related to clinical medicine available at the Khalifa University medical library and freely available on the Internet.

Cochrane Library Clinical Answers

Cochrane Library is a collection of databases in medicine focusing on systematic reviews and meta-analyses which summarize and interpret the results of medical research. It includes a tab for Clinical Answers that is designed for finding actionable information while working a clinical setting. It can be browsed or used a filter for your search results.

AccessMedicine Clinical Tools

AccessMedicine is a comprehensive academic database that includes many full-text books. It also includes resources that can help with information in clinical settings or for students and residents new to working as health care providers.

PubMed Clinical Queries

PubMed Clinical Queries is a "tool uses predefined filters to help you quickly refine PubMed searches on clinical or disease-specific topics. To use this tool, enter your search terms in the search bar and select filters before searching." (Source) It allows you to search by different aspect of clinical medicine including therapy, diagnosis, and etiology. You can choose a broad or narrow scope search. For more information on these filters click here.