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KU Medical Library: Clinical Resources Guide

This guide will give you an overview of resources related to clinical medicine available at the Khalifa University medical library and freely available on the Internet.

Clinical Resources Guide Overview

Welcome to the KU Medical Library clinical resources guide. It will help you learn about the online clinical tools available at KU and some that you can find freely-available online. For help, questions, or training, please contact Jason Fetty at:

What is a clinical resource?

Image of patient careClinical resources are distinct from more research-oriented databases in they are designed to be most often be used in point-of-care settings. Clinical tools support the following:

  • Bedside care with best-available evidence
  • Patient education
  • Workplace questions and CMEs
  • Study tools

Clinical tools have these information aspects:

  • Quick information
  • Best-quality, most-current information
  • Patient-friendly supplements

Which resources are covered in this guide?

This guide includes information on the following resources:

  • KU resources
    • UpToDate (and its app)
    • UpToDate Lexidrug (formerly Lexicomp)
    • Cochrane Library Clinical Answers
    • AccessMedicine
    • PubMed Clinical Queries
  • Free resources
    • MedlinePlus
    • Trip Database
    • Other resources