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Selections Tools - GOBI

These information sheets will help library staff and faculty liaisons to use Gobi (A book vendor platform). To use this platform, you should have an account on it. Only library staff and designated faculty liaisons are authorized to use it.





GOBI (Global Online Bibliographic Information), our academic book vendor, provides customized lists of newly published books in each discipline or interest area. These lists are primarily based on Library of Congress call number ranges. Faculty liaisons will receive notices from GOBI. Ask  Alia Al-Harasi or Acquisitions to set up your profile with GOBI if you are a faculty member who would like to review and select new titles in your area.

These messages are called "GOBI Notifications" because they come from the GOBI system. The emails will come with the following "from" and "subject" lines (Please see figure #1):

  • ►From:
  • ►Subject: GOBI Notification: [New books-your department]- [# of slips] items for period ##/##/2024 - ##/##/202

Next is information on how to suggest books using the Gobi notifications:  

  1. ►After clicking on the link provided in the email, you should see a list of titles in your discipline.(Please see figure #1)
  2. ►You may mark individual titles by clicking on the white vertical bar immediately to the left of the bibliographic record. This bar should turn dark blue.(Please see figure #2)
  3. ►You then must click on Recommend in the menu on the left side of the screen. This will put your marked items in the select cart for us to retrieve. If you do not click recommend, we will not see your selections and your selections will not be ordered. (Please see figure #2)
  4. ►After recommending titles, you will see Title Recommended at the top of the record. This is your confirmation. (Please see figure #3)
  5. ►In the Library Note field at the very bottom of each record, you may click on the blue "Add" and input a note to us. This is a good place to record if you want us to notify you, or if you want the book charged to a special account. (Please see figure #3 -4)

(Figure #1)


(Figure #2)

(Figure #2)

(Figure #3)

(Figure #3)

(Figure #4)

(Figure #4)

(Figure #5)

(Figure #5)

Quick Tips: Basic Search with Faceted Results and New User Interface Short, helpful tips to point out a few of the new GOBI design ‎changes and help you start using the faceted search.‎ 



Account Information: GOBI Account information is located in the OPTIONS Tab. To change the password, go to Options – My GOBI Account.

To edit your preferences, go to Options – My Preferences.

This edits the price display, ISBN format, selection acknowledgment preferences, and preference as to whether you want to see the full, single, or brief record.

Approval Profile: To view the approval profile go to the LIBRARY tab and click on Approval Profile.  You can view this PDF file that contains our Memorandum of Agreement with GOBI as well as the LC class we have marked for inclusion or exclusion in our approval plan.

You can also view the publisher list under the Reports Tab – Approval Reports - Library Publisher List. You can view publishers in your approval profile list, as well as those not in the list. You can view the results by going to the Reports Administration screen.

Searching:   Quick Search Box – search by ISBN, Author, or Keyword

                      Standard Search – link at top of page or found under Search Tab

                      Advanced Search – link at top of page or found under Search Tab

                      Library Activity – Found under Search tab; searches open orders, returned orders, and shipped orders

Notifications: Notifications come frequently to your inbox or email every Saturday. Notifications can also be found under the NOTIFICATIONS Tab in GOBI. 

Folders: To view folders click on the FOLDERS Tab. Your personal/shared (ones your initials are tied to) folders will show under My Folders. The shared folders (folders others initials are tied to) in the library will show under Library Folders.

To add/delete/edit folders you own go to Folders – Manage my Folders.

  1. Adding a Folder: Click on FOLDERS – MANAGE MY FOLDERS. Click on New on the top of the screen. Name the folder, choose Yes for make folder visible, and choose personal or shared type. Click Save on the top of the screen.
  1. Editing a Folder: Click on FOLDERS – MANAGE MY FOLDERS. Click on the bullet beside the name of the folder you want to edit.  Click Edit on the top of the screen. Here you can rename, make the folder visible or not, and change the type of the folder.
  1. Deleting a Folder: Click on FOLDERS – MANAGE MY FOLDERS. Click on the bullet beside the name of the folder you want to delete. Click on Delete on the top of the screen.

GobiTween:  When you click on GobiTween, you will see 2 categories: KU Libraries and Peer Libraries. No link will appear if no member of the consortium or peer libraries has acquired the title or if LCC is the only member of the consortium that has acquired the title. 

GobiAlerts:  This is a subset of your slips that can be sent out to a faculty member. To set this up, go to NOTIFICATIONS - Manage Notification Users. Click Add, then put in the faculty members name/initials/email and click Save.

Next, go to NOTIFICATIONS - Manage Notifications to set up a subset of your slips to push out to a faculty member. Fill out the same way you did your notifications, only you can be choosy on what you send them. In the bottom box, move the GobiAlerts user name to the recipients box, type a message to them they’ll see every time they receive an alert, and then preview a week interval to make sure it is set up the way you want. Click Save and Schedule. They will start the following Monday.

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