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Google DOCs: Google Sheets

This is a quick simple guide to introduce Google Documents and other Google Docs services

What is Google Sheets


Google sheets functions and specs:

Create useful and powerful sheets.

Add charts and graphs.

Built in formulas, pivot tables, and conditional formatting options.

A wide variety of templates of budgets, schedules, calendars, team rosters, financial statements all designed to help save your time.

Access, create, use spreadsheets from anywhere, any device, anytime.

Can be shared with anyone, edit in real-time, chat and comment on shared sheets.

Open, edit, and save Microsoft excel files, convert excel files to Google sheets and vice versa.

How to use Google sheets:

Login to your Google account or go to then login with your Gmail account. Once you're logged in click on the Google docs icon and choose Google sheets 

If you want to create a new sheet click on the plus sign to start a new sheet / Blank or you can choose from one of the templates available.


Once you chose the template or created your own new sheet you can start working on it adding information, editing, adding charts, diagrams etc.

You can share your document by clicking on (Share) 

Give a name or title to the sheet and save.

Enter names or emails of who you want to share the document with and click Done.