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Google DOCs: Google slides

This is a quick simple guide to introduce Google Documents and other Google Docs services

What is Google Slides

Google Slides functions and specs:

Create effective presentations.

Choose from a variety of pre-made presentations.

Access, create, edit, and share your presentations whereever you go anytime you like.

Using Google slides enables you to work with your friends on the same presentation at the same time, you can comment and chat too.

Google slides works with power point, they can be converted to power point and vice versa.


How to use Google slides:

Login to your google account or go to then login with your gmail account. Once you're logged in click on the google docs icon and choose google slides.

If you want to create a new slide, click on the plus sign to start a new slide / blank, or you can choose from one of the available templates.


Once you choose the template or created your own new slide you can start working on adding, editing, copying, sharing, etc. You can share your slides by clicking on share.