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Google DOCs: Google Forms

This is a quick simple guide to introduce Google Documents and other Google Docs services

What is Google Forms

Google Forms functions and specs:

A free Google tool, available for anyone who needs to gather information and create surveys.

Can be used for planning, managing, creating polls, collecting and gathering information, creating quizzes and much more.

Create surveys using your own style, color, photos, logo etc.

Create surveys using a bunch of question options like multiple choice, dropdown list, and linear scale.

Add images, videos, graphs, photos to your surveys.


How to use Google Forms:

Login to your Google account or go to then login with your Gmail account. Once you're logged in click on the Google docs icon and choose Google forms.

To setup a new form click on the plus sign +, or you can choose one of the ready templates.

To create a form from Google drive:

1- Go to

2- On the top left click on new

3- Click more, then choose google form.

Edit your forms:

1- Add questions

Click add +

To the right side, choose the type of question you want, and type the answers to your question/s, if it's a must to be answered turn on required.

2- Add an image or video

Click on the question.

On the right, click on add image.

Upload the image, then click select.

3- Add a section

Dividing forms into sections makes them easier to read.

Click add section.

Add a name or title to the section.

To duplicate sections, click on a section header, click more, choose duplicate section.

To duplicate images or questions click on the question or image, choose duplicate.


4- Delete a section header

5- Undo an action

To undo any recent action

At the top of the form click more

Choose undo 

Additional options

To update the text that is seen when respondents take your survey click on "More Actions"and then "Edit Confirmation".

To copy the HTML code needed to embed the survey to your website click "More Actions" and select "Embed".

To see the responses of respondents click "See Responses" then select "Summary" or "Spreadsheet" to show the collected data from the survey. The data is also available from the Google Docs document list.