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Open Acesss Publishing: ACS

American Chemical Society

Wiley OA Flowchart for Authors

Open Access Flow Chart (click to expand)

Open Access Publishing with ACS Journals

Publishing in an Open Access journal with ACS does not affect the basics of the publication process. An author must still submit their paper to a journal and it must still be accepted and pass the usual process of editing and peer review. The main difference comes when the article is submitted for publication: The author notifies ACS that the university may pay the Article Publishing Charge (APC) which is required as part of the OA process.

Publication Process:

  1. Author submits an article to the journal, using the ACS Publication Center.
  2. When asked who will pay the APC for the article, the author should select that the university may pay the fee.
  3. The author then will select Khalifa University as the institution (using the lookup tool to get the institutional code).
  4. The APC administrators will be notified of a new paper submission. If the journal is a Q1 journal, they will approve the  university paying all APC charges. The author is notified that this step is completed. If the journal is not a Q1 journal, then the administrators will reject the funding request.
  5. The paper then goes through the normal process of editing and peer-review prior to acceptance.
  6. If the paper is accepted, the author will be asked to acknowledge the license agreement.
  7. The paper is published.

ACS Publication Center and Tools

At any point, authors can use the ACS Publication Center to learn more about ACS publishing, find information about manuscript preparation and submission, the ACS Style Guide, and Open Access publishing at ACS.

You can also find the list of all ACS Q1 journals here (PDF format, Excel Format).


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Khalifa University OA Policy

The KU Open Access Policy is in the approval process. It will be published here when it is approved.