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Open Acesss Publishing: What is Open Access?

What is Open Access?

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Open Access publishing embodies the principle that works should be freely available, without access barriers, be they financial or of any other sort. In the realm of scholarly work, this means that published work can be accessed by readers without needing a subscription or institutional access. Because the readers do not pay for the publication, the publisher generate their revenue by assessing the author an Article Processing Charge (APC). There are many types of OA in academic publishing, but the three models that Khalifa University authors are supporting are Gold OA, Hydrid, and Green.

Gold OA journals are completely Open Access. The publisher charges an APC

Hybrid journals have some articles that are OA and some that are closed access. The articles that are OA have an APC assigned to the author. The traditional articles do not, but access to these articles are restricted to subscribers to the journal.

Green OA allows authors and their institutions to publish copies of papers to institutional repositories, where they are freely accessible, even if the copy that is published in the journal is not.

It is important to note that the fact that a journal is Open Access does not change the basic process of publication. Articles still have to be accepted by the publisher and pass peer-review before publication. The only change is a simple application for the processing of the APC. More information about this process can be found on each publishers page on this site.


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